Mississippi Pearl River Wood Carvers

The Mississippi Pearl River Wood Carvers Guild exists as a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote woodcarving through regular meetings and an Annual Show and Championship.

National Wood Carvers Association

The National Wood Carvers Association is dedicated to the interests of amateur and professional carvers and whittlers. NWCA's aims are to promote the woodcarving fellowship among its members, encourage exhibitions and area get-togethers, list tool and wood suppliers, and find markets for those who sell their work - in short, anything that aids the carver and/or whittler. NWCA publishes the Chip Chats magazine.

Annual Cajun Heritage Festival

Southern Classic Lady Artist

The artistic interests of Betty Thomas span a range of art disciplines. From the traditional arts and crafts to designing clothing and writing, Betty uses several avenues to express her views and inspirations. Visit her website.